Cover Reveal! Handling Susannah

Amelia Smarts

Okay, I just can’t contain my excitement anymore. I have to reveal the cover to my new book now or I will burst! Handling Susannah is an old west erotic romance with humor, passion, and spanking of course. And it’s coming soon: March 31!

So without further ado… Here is the cover!

Handling Susannah Cover

What do you think? I think the cover artist Allysa Hart did a fantastic job!

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About Handling Susannah

Rancher Adam Harrington has long yearned to marry a diligent, virginal bride with a sweet disposition. When he reads a young woman’s unusual advertisement requesting a mail-order cowboy as her groom, he thinks they might be a good match. He writes the woman a letter saying just that, and she pens a favorable response, accepting him as her future husband…

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